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Welcome to Ramgarh

China cemetery
Situated 5 km away from Ramgarh town, China Kabristan is a famous historical monument. At the out break of world war II, around 1 lakh soldiers were trained at Ramgarh. They fought against facist forces. Some soldiers died due to malaria and snake bite etc. There are a total of 667 graves.  In the middle of the graveyard a pillar in memory of Chyan Kai Sek was erected. The total area covered by this graveyard is around seven acres. There is a Buddha temple also in its vicinity. Three beautiful cantonment have come into existence around the graveyard. Inside the graveyard the pucca roads have been indorsed with rows of beautiful flowers. China Kabristan is in fact a material witness to the annals of the history of Ramgarh.












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