Contact Directory

District level officers

Sl.No. Post Name Official e-mail Contact No.
1 Deputy Commissioner, Ramgarh Ms Madhvi Mishra (IAS) dc-ramgarh[at]gov[dot]in 06553-261555
2 District and Sessions Judge, Ramgarh Shri BidhanChandra Chaodhari vcchowharydistrictjudge[at]gmail[dot]com 94727-46268
3 Superintendent of Police, Ramgarh Shri Piyush Pandey (IPS) sp-ramgarh[at]jhpolice[dot]gov[dot]in 94317-06113
4 Divisional Forest Officer, Ramgarh Shri Nitish Kumar dfo-ramgarh[at]gov[dot]in 89877-90306, 06553-296061
5 Chief Executive Officer, Cantonment Council, Ramgarh Shri M S Harivijay 77810-18290
6 Deputy Development Commissioner, Ramgarh Shri Nagendra Kumar Sinha ddc_ramgarh[at]rediffmail[dot]com 94311-46511
7 Additional Collector, Ramgarh Shri Nelsam Eyon Bage acramgarh2010[at]gmail[dot]com 94311-46411
8 Subdivisional Officer Shri MD Javed Hussain sdoramgarh5[at]gmail[dot]com 94311-46488
9 District Transport Officer, Ramgarh Shri Saurabh Prasad ramgarhdto[at]gmail[dot]com

98019-80707, 94715-20087

10 I/C District Panchayati Raj Officer, Ramgarh Shri Sudarshan Murmu dproramgarh[at]gmail[dot]com



11 DCLR, Ramgarh Shri Manoj Kumar Ranjan dlaoramgarh[at]gmail[dot]com 94301-46607
12 Civil Surgeon, Ramgarh Dr. Prabhat Kumar csramgarh[at]yahoo.[dot]co[dot]in 75440-52143
13 DLAO, Ramgarh Smt Lily Enola lakda 96315-35040

Block level officers

Sl.No. Post Name Official e-mail Contact No.
1 Block Development Officer, Chitrapur Shri Uday Kumar bdo_chitarpur[at]rediffmail[dot]com 99737-16225
2 Block Development Officer, Dulmi Shri Ravindra Kumar bdodulmi2012[at]gmail[dot]com 87572-89350
3 Block Development Officer, Gola Shri Santosh Kumar
bdo_gola[at]rediffmail[dot]com 88093-83130
4 Block Development Officer, Mandu Shri Sudhir Prakash bdo_mandu[at]rediffmail[dot]com 99397-96509
5 Block Development Officer, Patratu Shri Devdat Pathak bdo_patratu[at]rediffmail[dot]com 93046-79507
6 Block Development Officer, Ramgarh Shri Sudhir Kumar
bdoramgarh06553[at]gmail[dot]com 96087-83320

Circle Level Officer

Sl.No. Post Name Official e-mail Contact No.
1 Circle officer, Chitarpur Smt Tripti Vijya Kujur bdo_chitarpur[at]rediffmail[dot]com 80511-41988
2 Circle Officer, Dulmi Shri Pankaj Kumar bdodulmi2012[at]gmail[dot]com 87890-14296
3 Circle Officer, Gola Shri Anil Kumar cogola23[at]gmail[dot]com 99391-82169
4 Circle Officer, Mandu Shri Jay Kumar Ram comandu518[at]gmail[dot]com 91134-44976
5 Circle Officer, Patratu Shri Shiv Shankar Panday copatratu[at]gmail[dot]com 99317-42975
6 Circle Officer, Ramgarh Shri Sudhir Kumar co.ramgarh[at]gmail[dot]com 91229-93782