How to Reach

Ramgarh district is one of the 24 districts in the Indian state of Jharkhand. Ramgarh District has borders with :North and West: Hazaribagh District ,North and East: Bokaro District, East: Purulia District (West Bengal), South: Ranchi District.

By Air

Birsa Munda Airport (45 km (28 mi)) at Ranchi is the nearest Airport. Direct links are available to prominent cities such as Delhi, Patna, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Instead of Ramgarh you can a get flight to Ranchi Airport on regular basis. Ramgarh 31 km away, Ranchi Airport (IXR), Ranchi, Jharkhand. Ramgarh 142 km away, Gaya Airport (GAY), Gaya, Bihar


By Rail

There is/are 6 direct train(s) from Ranchi to Ramgarh. These train(s) is/are Rnc Bsb Express (18611), Jharkhand S J Ex (12873), Rou Muri Jat Exp (18109), Bsb Rnc Express (18612), Sbp Bsb Express (18311) etc. The minimum time a train takes to reach Ramgarh from Ranchi is 2h 03m. The cheapest way to reach Ramgarh from Ranchi takes you 2h 15m, which is to take Rnc Bsb Express from Ranchi to Ramgarh.

By Road

Ramgarh is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular buses.The fastest way to reach Ramgarh from Ranchi takes you 1h 09m, which is to take Bus from Ranchi to Ramgarh.

Bus Station :Ramgarh.