Tourist Places


Popularity of Tourist Spot in Ramgarh District

  • Rajrappa Mandir
  • Patratu Dam
  • Tuti Jharna


Ramgarh District has three dominate spots where visitors footfall is very high. District Administration is continuously working on development activities to attract travelers. Rajrappa Mandir has its own religious significance but it has also nature loving attraction Point. There are food, stay and boating facilities available. On every Sunday, thousands of pilgrims visit temple and spend time. This place is safe and attractive with full natural beauty as two rivers Damodar and Bherwa meet at this place. 

Patratu Dam is another Nature Exploring Spot. Nalkari River and Forest Flowing water has been store in this reservoir. Every day around 3000 to 4000 people come and energies while just sit there and touch nature’s beauty. One can see flying fishes during sunrise by sitting at the coast of the Dam. There are many hotels to stay back and even state government has developed a sprawling resort to attract people and make their holiday plan in Patratu. It has even further rolled out plan to develop a Film City in the vicinity of Patratu Dam.

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सूचना : पूर्व से ऑनलाइन टोकेन हेतु चालू को बंद कर दिया गया है, इस साइट से 16 अक्टूबर तक के लिए की गयी बुकिंग मान्य होगी|

patratu dam

30 km to the west of Ramgarh this dam was constructed with the purpose of supplying water to Patratu Thermal Power Station. Water from the river Nalkarni and from the waterfalls of the hills surrounding this dam is stored in this dam. The total storage capacity of this dam is 81 square miles. It is […]


It is situated 28 km away from Ramgarh on the confluence of rivers Bhairavi and Damodar. This temple known as Chinnamastika temple finds place in our Vedas and Puranas and it has been recognized as an ancient and strong source of Shakti. It is believed that the person who devotes himself whole heartedly with pious […]