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The word Ram is derived from Murram and Gadh is derived from Beluagadha. There is enormous source of coal i,e area of coal. In Hazaribagh district, there is sitagadha and Vishnugadha. It can be said keeping all name of Ramgarh was declared.In District gazetteer, hazaribagh chapter IV, page no. – 65, it is mentioned that gigantic king Jarasandh was very powerful. Chotanagpur was in his jurisdiction probably the Chhotanagpur was under sub-ordination of Mahapadam of Magadh. Nand Ugrasen  of Nagwanshi’s.

It is also said that entire Chhotanagpur was under sub-ordination of Ashoka the Great (C,273 – C,232 B.C.)  so that in Budha period, there was also Ramgarh.

It is certified by the symbolic relies of Buddha period in the temple of Gola . Probably in 8th Centre B.C. (3) Jain Trithankar was constructed in Parasnath. It is clarified by this that in the beginning of Jainism, There is existence of Ramgarh. Again in Chapter IV of Gazetteer IV it is described that Samudragupta ( C.385-C-380 A.D.) had invader Eastern Deccan by passing through Ramgarh so that Ramgarh was Present at that time also. In the Regime of the king of Mundaraj, Mudra Munda Ramgarh was present too. This fast is corroborated by the presence of Munda tribe in Ramgarh.

In Nagvanshi regime, too Ramgarh was present because Chhotanagpur was under contol.

Muslim Regime : - In Turk-Afghan period (1206-1526 A.D.), Jharkhand the forest country was under subordination of ruler of that time. So, Ramgarh was present in that region too. It’s clear certificate is present in District Gazetteer, Hazaribagh, Chapter IV, Page no.- 68. according to that Ramgarh region was established in 1368. The founder King of Ramgarh regime was King Bagdeo Singh. At that time the capital of Ramgarh was in Sira. The headquarter of capital was transferred in urda, Badam and Ramgarh one by one.

The Sixth King of Ramgarh Regime King Hement Singh built his residence at Badam in 1642. In 1670 the headquarter of Ramgarh regime was transferred in Ramgarh. In 1770 the King of Ramgarh was King Mukund Singh.

It is mentioned in District Gazetteer, Hazaribagh, Chapter IV, Page no.- 69 in around 1740,  Ramgarh was “Jungle District of Ramgarh”

Brithish Regime : – The Power of obtaining reference from Ramgarh regime was given to East India Company by King Shah Alam II.

  According to District Gazetteer, Page no.- 70, in 1771 Captain  Comac was made Military Collector of Ramgarh District, Whose headquarter was in Chatra. The military district of Ramgarh contains Nagpur , Palamoo, Hazaribagh, Chatra, Giridih and Kodarm. At that the headquarter of Ramgarh Battalion was Hazaribagh, whose commander was an European. It is mentioned such in District Gazetteer, Hazaribagh Chapter IV, Page no.- 72.


“It appears that the great social reformer and the founder of the Brahm Samaj Raja Ram Mohan Roy was in Ramgarh in 1805-06. He went there with Mr. William Digby who was then acting Magistrate and Registrar of Ramgarh. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the Sheristeder of the Collectorate and lived both at Cahtra and Ramgarh in this capacity when Mr. William Digby was transferred else here he took Ram Mohan Roy with him to his new place of work”.


In 1811, Ramgarh Battalion was used for suppressing the Munda Uraon and Tamad Revolt and Kol  revolt. In 1837, Ramgarh was police station of British government. In 1938 new G.T. road was started and Banaras road was closed. It is worth mentioning the name of Lubia Manghi. Bainu Manjhi and Arjun Manjhi. In Sitagarh, the cropping of coffee was taking place. The name of Rupu Manjhi is famous in the first national revolt of 1957.


                      On 8Th January 1856, Sheik Bhikari and Thakur Upraon Singh were hanged on a Bunyan tree of Chhuttupalu valley. This valley is also known as lalki Ghaati and that Bunyan tree is called “Phansiyahi bore”. In 1923, Srhi K.B. Sahay of Swaraj party was elected for Provincial legislative Council of Hazaribagh district (including Ramgarh) (Gazetteer, Page No. 78)


                      In 1940, 53rd Session of Indian National Congress was accomplished under the presidentship of Maulana Abul Qalam Ajad at that time, under the leadership of Netajee Subhash Chandra Bose conference against Samjhauta was completed also. Storm and hurricane was on the peak. In Ramgarh, Subhsha Chandra Bose was seen as president of All India Forward Block and M.N. Roy was seen as leader of Radicle democratic party. The king of Ramgarh Kamakhya Narayan was rival of Shri K.B. Sahay. Ramgarh Cant council was structured in 1941. There are two centers of Army training i.e SRC and PRC. In 1928 Ramgarh road Railway station was formed.


                      In the year 1991 Ramgarh Subdivision was formed. On 12th September 2007 Ramgarh was made district consisting Ramgarh, Gola, Mandu  and Patratu Block. It was customarily inaugurated by then Chief Minister of Jharkhand Sri Madhu Koda. District Registration office is in Gola. The construction of collectoriate has begun.






Smt. Rajeshwari B, IAS

DC Ramgarh



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